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Package # PB0032
Services/Site Services
Bid Closing Date
Title Ventilation Control Equipment (Underground Monitoring Stations) EOI Posting Date November-22-16
Tender Issue Date EOI Closing Date ** CLOSED **
Status Open Last Revised On July-10-17

Contract Scope

Vale Newfoundland & Labrador Limited (Vale NL) are inviting submissions of an Expression of Interest for a potential opportunity to support the Voisey’s Bay Mine Expansion Project in Voisey’s Bay,NL

Ventilation and Air Quality Monitoring Stations which monitor/display the mine environment key metrics (airflow, temperature, relative humidity, toxic gas concentrations).

1.  1. Air Flow Monitor. Two ultrasonic sensor heads are placed in the drift or fan so they are diagonal in both the vertical and horizontal directions.  The instrumentation use time of flight ultra sonic technology to calculate average velocity.  Typical instrumentation will include two ultrasonic airflow sensors, corrosion resistant mounting brackets, sensor cables, junctions box, transmitter. Software to allow for the interface of the transmitter with HMI or Scada control system.

2.  2. Mine Hardened Display. Real Time data display of underground air quality, safety messages, personnel and equipment status, housed in a rugged stainless steel enclosure.  To be of a fail safe design which displays an error upon loss of network communications.  Display to function with any type of communication protocol without any other software or hardware. 

3.  3. Toxic Gas / Particulate Monitor - Fixed point.  Either single or dual channel transmitter. Power 10-30 VDC. Output analogue 4-20 maA, RS485,modbus, wireless, hart.  Sensors electrochemical / infrared.  Gases CO, NO2.

4.  4. Multivariable Environmental Sensor. Power 10-30 VDC,  Output analogue 4-20 maA, RS485,modbus, wireless, hart.  Variable measure calculated: Temperature, Wet Bulb Temp, Barometric Pressure, Relative Humidity, Dew Point, Air Density, calculated heat stress.