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Package # CC0046
Bid Closing Date
Title Commissioning Services EOI Posting Date November-04-16
Tender Issue Date EOI Closing Date ** CLOSED **
Status Open Last Revised On March-05-19

Contract Scope

Vale Newfoundland & Labrador Limited (Vale NL) are inviting submissions of an Expression of Interest for a potential opportunity to support the Voisey’s Bay Mine Expansion Project in Voisey’s Bay, NL

Revised SOW:

The Commissioning Trades Support contract is for the supply of qualified and experienced skilled trade labor / administrative / supervisory personnel resources to establish a functional organization fully prepared to plan, procure materials and carry out the commissioning support tasks as directed by the Vale Commissioning Team at the Voisey’s Bay Mine site. The Contractor will supply all adequate tools, construction equipment, consumable materials, testing devices and each and every item of expense necessary to complete the Work. Work is to be performed in a highly productive and efficient manner. The work will be performed under the direct management of the Vale Commissioning team. Equipment accepted by Commissioning will be ready for energization / calibration / operation and will be run using water & air. The Work will primarily require mechanical, piping, electrical, and instrumentation resources, with support from other disciplines as required. Work will largely be executed in and around ongoing construction work and/or while the facility is in operation.  The Contractor will be expected to perform their work in and around live process equipment and will include tie-ins during shutdowns.

The Work to be executed will be performed for surface and underground systems in all areas of the Voisey’s Bay Mine Site and will include work in at least the following areas;

·         Existing Mill facility

·         Power House at Eastern Deeps (ED) and Reid Brook (RB)

·         Paste plant silo at Port

·         Paste plant at ED

·         Fresh Air Raise (FAR) and Return Air Raise (RAR) fans at ED and RB

·         Underground at ED and RB

·         Various locations on site (Potable water plant, incinerator, concrete plant)


Types of Systems that will be part of the commissioning scope will include:

·         Process water Systems

·         Potable Water Systems

·         Instrument Air Systems

·         Process Air Systems

·         HVAC Systems

·         Fire and Gas Detection

·         Fuel Systems

·         Tailings / Waste Water Systems

·         Power & Communications Distribution Systems

·         Fresh and Fire Water Systems

·         Sewage Collection and Treatment Systems

·         Shotcrete Plant

·         Paste Backfill Plant and Distribution System

·         Fresh Air Raise Systems

·         Return Air Raise Systems

·         Power Houses (High , Medium, and Low Voltage Systems)

·         Generator Houses

·         Conveyor Systems

·         Crusher Systems

·         OH Cranes

·         Ventilation Systems

·         Ore/Waste Handling Systems

·         Dewatering Pumping Systems

·         General Infrastructure Systems (Dorm, Shops,  Refuge Stations, ect)