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Package # CS0023
Bid Closing Date
Title Explosives Plant Expansion & Manufacturing of Explosives Loading Equipment EOI Posting Date September-24-15
Tender Issue Date EOI Closing Date ** CLOSED **
Status Open Last Revised On October-18-16

Contract Scope

Vale Newfoundland & Labrador Limited (Vale NL) are inviting submissions of an Expression of Interest for a potential opportunity to support the Underground Mining Processing Plant in Underground Mining, NL.

Scope of Work 

General Overview

Currently under contract with Dyno-Nobel. The existing facility will be expanded to meet the demands of the underground operation. New equipment is also required. Includes: Supply of explosives; Expansion units and assembly of on-site explosives manufacturing facility; Transportation and loading equipment; New explosives magazines to support the underground operation; Field support representation.

1. Supply of explosives and detonators. This includes the supply of all pre-packaged product and emulsion manufacture for surface and underground work. June-October 2016 for the civil contractor to drill and blast rock to create the level ground and sheer portal faces ahead of the mine development contractor July-December 2016 for the underground mine contractor to excavate first 20m of all four portals (2 x ED and 2 x RB) May 2017 onwards supply of emulsion products to support rapid development. Preprogrammed electronic detonators for all underground locations.

2. Second product line expansion. Design, supply, install expansion modules to the existing explosives plant to produce an emulsion product for use underground. Installation with assistance of others (to be defined). Includes commissioning, performance testing and operation of the plant. Emulsion product must be of suitable specifications for the implementation of string loading technology.

3. Transportation and loading equipment. Includes the design, fabrication and supply of the underground mobile explosives loading equipment. This is defined as the storage tank, mixing system(if not done at the plant), and string loading system. The carrier to be supplied by others. Need to determine who/where the loading unit gets attached to the carrier.

4. Surface magazines. Includes the supply and oversight of the new (refurbished) explosives and detonator magazines required on surface to support the early stages of the underground development (before magazines can be established underground). Includes providing the design specifications for the storage location on site.

5. Field support. Vendor representation is required to ensure that the loading technology and explosives quality meets the required specifications and outcomes for the project.