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Long Harbour Processing Plant - Prequalification

Vale has established procurement practices and process which it will follow to source the goods and services required for the Long Harbour Processing Plant. Vale will give first consideration to provincial suppliers to participate on a competitive basis in the supply of goods and services to the project where such goods and services meet our commercial and technical requirements, taking into account such relevant factors including but not limited to price, quality, technical suitability, service, and delivery.

All suppliers, contractors and subcontractor wanting to supply goods and services to Vale for the Operational Phase of the Long Harbour Processing Plant must first be registered with Quest. Vale Canada Limited is using an electronic sourcing tool through Quadrem known as Quest. Quest is a web based application that is used for Requests for Proposals, Requests for Quotes, and Reverse Auctions. There are no fees incurred by registering for the Quest application. For further details on the fee structure, please contact Neil Tomlinson, Client Account Specialist via email or by phone 905-361-5125 at Quadrem. To register for Quest, please send the following information to (Company Name, Contact Name, Contact Telephone, Contact Fax Number, Contact email address).