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Package # VB-S-C-2020-28 QBE Nomination Closing Date
Title Rubber Repair Tender Issue Date TBA
    Bid Closing Date TBA

For more information contact: Dwayne Chiasson
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Contract Scope

Contract Strat Date: February 01, 2021

Contract Completion Date:  November 30, 2025

·    During major shut periods; Typical schedule involves approximately a 2-3 week maintenance 
“spring/summer” shut, and a 1 week maintenance wintershut annually. 

·    Ad hoc General rubber repairs as required emergency/short notice

3.    SCOPE  

 Detailed Scope of Work to be performed by the Contractor shall include the following: 

3.2.     Perform coating/lining repairs to flotation cells, tanks, launderers, cyclone packs, mills and any other 

equipment deemed necessary by the Company’s Maintenance Department. Coating/lining repairs may 
involve the use  of  trowelable  rubber  products,  rubber  sheeting  (cold  and  vulcanized),  trowelable/ 
sprayable urethane, epoxy , and others to match existing coatings.  The coating product to be used 
will be as advised by the Contractor and approved by the Company’s maintenance department. 

3.3.     All work required by this specification is to be completed by qualified and competent workers. Contractor 
is to provide all documentation pertaining to the qualifications of its personnel at the request of the 
company.  Newfoundland Confined space/Fall arrest/First Aid trained personnel is mandatory. Proof of 
certification is required. 

3.4.     All site safety regulations/standards to be complied and enforced throughout the duration of this contract. Contractor is to ensure work areas are kept tidy, free of clutter and accessible to the company personnel. 

3.5.     The contractor shall take its day to day direction from the Company’s Maintenance department; site manager or designate. 

3.6.     The Contractor shall be competent in the inspection, testing and quality of all coatings in use at the site.   inspection and testing techniques include, but are not limited to visual assessment, adhesion tests, spark testing, film thickness (wet and dry), etc.  The Contractor may be asked to perform a coating condition inspection of any equipment onsite during the site visits. 

3.7.     The Contractor shall ensure that they are in possession of any and all controlled products Safety Data 
Sheets that are used by the Contractor onsite.  The Contractor shall ensure that each employee onsite has 
been instructed in the safe handling and application of these products and has developed Safe Work 
Procedures as required.