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Package # VBOR - P0006 QBE Nomination Closing Date
Title Underground Submersible Pumps Tender Issue Date August-11-20
    Bid Closing Date August-17-20

For more information contact: Jessica Meaney

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Contract Scope

Supply of submersible pumps will be used in the VBME mining operations to pick up spent mine water off the ground and deliver it to nearby sumps, particularly at active mining faces, and in low lying areas that experience ponding from relatively low flow.  These pumps are required to lift mine water from at a rate of approximately 9.5 L/s (150 US gpm), and 45 m (147.6 feet) for a total dynamic head (587 kPa or 85 psi).  Each Submersible pump installation will include a pump, suction c/w cage strainer, discharge hose, power cable, starter, and sump level controls.  Each pump will have a power supply of 1000V/3ph/60hz. It is anticipated the Submersible Pumps will operate intermittently for up to 24 hours per day during normal operating conditions.

Submersible Pumps will be required for:

- All off-ramp excavations from both Reid Brook and Eastern Deeps declines that are driven downwards

- Remucks to deal with water migration into the remucks over time.

- Low lying areas where ground water inflows create significant ponding.