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Package # VB-S-C-2019-54 QA QC QBE Nomination Closing Date
Title QAQC Tender Issue Date TBA
    Bid Closing Date TBA

For more information contact: Dwayne Chiasson
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Contract Scope

    1. Detailed Scope of Work to be performed by the Contractor shall include the following:

      1. Perform QA/QC on application of A-HIGHLINE-510H-POLYUREA coating on the below flotation cells. Application of product to be completed by others.

      2. Inspect condition of cell surface prior to coating application to ensure surface preparation is in accordance with manufactures requirements.

      3. Provide monitoring of steel profile, relative humidity, air temperature, steel temperature and finished polyurea gauge thickness.

      4. Report any findings or conditions not in accordance with manufactures guidelines immediately to owner and applicator for resolutions.

      5. Contractor to provide testing equipment required to complete the QA/QC inspection.

      1. List of flotation cells are as follows. Dates are subject to change:


  • Scavenger Cell #5 ( April 2020)

  • New Scav Cleaner Cells 7,8,9 (April 2020)

  • New Scav Cleaner Cells 1-6  (April 2020)

  • Cu/Ni Separator Cells 1-9 (April 2020)

  • Cu Scavenger Cells 1-6 ( TBD - 2021)


      1. Supplier of coating and preferred provider of the QA/QC service: