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Package # VB-S-C-2019-18 QBE Nomination Closing Date
Title Fire and Safety Tender Issue Date TBA
    Bid Closing Date TBA

For more information contact: Dwayne Chiasson
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Contract Scope

Work Start: 1 APR 2019

      1. Work Complete: 1 APR 2023


3.    Scope

Detailed Scope of Work to be performed by the Contractor shall include the following:

    1. This work is intended to keep the fire alarm and sprinkler system operating in accordance with the Newfoundland & Labrador Consolidated Regulations 9/96, National Fire Code of Canada and the National Building Code of Canada. The company shall provide technicians certified as per the National Fire Code of Canada to carry out annual inspections on the below equipment:

      1. Edwards (EST3 Life Safety System) and Simplex (4007ES and 4010) Fire Alarm systems, as well as Heat and Smoke Detector Systems used throughout the various buildings throughout the Voisey’s Bay site.

      2. Sprinkler Systems used in the Concentrator, Service Complex, North and South Accommodations, Port facility as well as associated fire pump skids at Camp Pond and Port Site.

      3. Ansul Fire extinguishers (not including mobile equipment)

      4. Fire Hydrants and Fire Hose Cabinets (National Fire CS-800)

      5. Dry Chemical Fire suppression systems at the Shiploader and North and South kitchen facilities.

    2. The contractor shall provide technicians of the ability to troubleshoot, modify and update the software related to both Edwards and Simplex fire alarm panels referenced above.

    3. Contractor shall provide a detailed inspection report for each piece of equipment complete with applicable certificates.

    4. Contractor will perform upgrades and corrective maintenance on the equipment mentioned in section 3.1.

    5. Contractor will provide own hand tools and testing equipment to complete required work.