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Package # VB-S-C-2019-11 QBE Nomination Closing Date
Title Trunnion Ball Mill Tender Issue Date TBA
    Bid Closing Date TBA

For more information contact: Dwayne Chiasson
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Contract Scope

    1. Contractor will provide the following services on the Voisey’s Bay Concentrator Outokumpu Ball Mill Model 03-13-BM:

      1. Supervise and provide technical expertise and labor (if required) in installation of new feed end trunnion on Ball Mill.

      2. Technically direct Vale Fixed Plant Maintenance Technicians during installation of new Trunnion

      3. Contractor will complete a pre-job planning visit to the site.

      4. Contractor will develop work scope including a Gantt chart, tool list, and lifting plan prior to starting of the job.

      5. Trunnion to be installed to manufacturer alignment specifications.

      6. Contractor will take before and after runout readings on Ring Gear and Pinion to ensure mill alignment after work completion.

      7. There has been washing out of the feed end head of the mill due to a previous failure. Contractor is required to develop a work method to fill in the gap caused by the issue. Pictures are available in Appendix B.

      8. Due to the condition of the mills feed end head, trunnion will require to be torqued in place (without inching the mill). Contractor will account for this in their work plan.

      9. Recommend any follow up repairs required after trunnion change.

      10. Suggested Supplier: Blaise Industries