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Package # VB-S-C-2018-46 QBE Nomination Closing Date
Title Hazardous Waste Disposal Tender Issue Date September-10-18
    Bid Closing Date September-28-18

For more information contact: Dwayne Chiasson
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Contract Scope

    1. The description of items in this Appendix is intended for identification of elements of the Work only and is deemed sufficient for the identification of everything necessary and required to carry out the Work. The descriptions do not exhaustively detail every operation activity and/or component and the items must be read in conjunction with the Scope of Work and other requirements of the Contract.

    2. Waste Oil and Hazardous Materials means any substance:

      1. the presence of which requires reporting, investigation, removal or remediation under any Applicable Law;

      2. that is defined as a pollutant, contaminant, dangerous substance, toxic substance, hazardous or toxic chemical, hazardous waste and hazardous substance under any Applicable Laws;

      3. that is toxic, explosive, corrosive, flammable, ignitable, infectious, carcinogenic or otherwise hazardous and is regulated by or forms the basis of liability under any Applicable Laws;

      4. the presence of which on a property causes or threatens to cause a nuisance upon the property or to adjacent properties or poses or threatens to pose a hazard to health or safety of persons on or about a property;

      5. that contains gasoline, diesel fuel or other petroleum hydrocarbons, including crude oil and fractions thereof, natural gas, synthetic gas and any mixtures thereof;

      6. that contains asbestos and/or asbestos-containing materials;

      7. that contains PCBs, or PCB-containing materials or fluids; or

      8. Supplier generated wastes such as equipment/machine oils, fuels, oily debris, shop rags, paints, paint residue, solvents and any other containers in which substances described in this section 1.2, were or are stored.

    3. Waste Oil and Related Material Collection & Storage on Site

      1. Waste oil and Antifreeze will be collected and stored in 1100 Litre re-usable cubes, or 205 Litre steel drums.

      2. Used oil filter, oily rags and similar material will be collected and stored in 205 litre steel drums

      3. Filled cubes will be loaded into 20 foot sea shipping containers for shipment via vessel to VINL Quebec City Port.

      4. Filled drums to be containerized for shipment via vessel to VNL Quebec City Port.

      5. All materials shipped to Quebec City at VNL cost.

    4. Electronic Waste

      1.4.1   Electronic waste includes, but not limited to; televisions, computers and components, radios, phones, refridgerators, microwave ovens

      1.5          Sulphide Contaminated Waste

      1.5.1 Items containing a coating of concentrate or ore dust that cannot be easily removed.  Items will be shipped out in a 20 Foot (18.9 CU YD) Roll On-Roll Off Covered Bin.

      1.6          Waste Refrigerant

                      Waste Refrigerant recovered from the reconditioning of Air Handling Units

      1.7          Recyclable Drink Containers

                      Includes but not limited to aluminum pop cans, plastic pop bottles, juice containers, plastic water bottles

      1.8          Domestic Waste Incinerator Ash

                      Ash remaining from a Domestic Waste Incinerator

      1.9          Contaminated Polypropylene Bags

      Empty polypropylene bags contaminated with Quicklime or Xanthate.  Bags will be bailed and strapped on a standard pallet

      1.10        Used Batteries

                      Waste alkaline and lead acid batteries