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Package # VB-S-C-2017-26 QBE Nomination Closing Date
Title Helicopter Services Tender Issue Date TBA
    Bid Closing Date TBA

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Contract Scope

1.1.     Without  limiting  the generality  of the foregoing,  the Work  to  be provided  by the Contractor  shall include the provision of all management, supervision,  administration, technical expertise and support, skilled labour, materials, consumables,  equipment, services, tools, and each and every item of expense necessary,  other  than  that  stipulated  in  the  Contract  Documents  as  provided  by  the  Company,  to complete the Work of this Contract.



   2.1   At the discretion of Vale Newfoundland and Labrador Limited the Term of this Agreement will be      Three (3) Years.

2.2.      Bids must address in all aspects the Term of the Agreement with respect to cost escalation, fuel costs and other indices.

2.3.      Tentative Work Schedule as follows:

2.3.1.         Work Start: January 1st, 2018

2.3.2.         Work Complete: December 31st, 2020




3.1.    Currently Vale Newfoundland and Labrador (VNL) has a requirement for helicopter support services. These services may be used by various departments within VNL operations located in Newfoundland and Labrador.  The use of different size helicopters will be required to conduct exploration and monitor programs as required under existing agreements with regulatory agencies, Nunatsiavut Government and the Innu Nation. Monitoring programs for wildlife, fish and water quality sometimes dictate the need to move outside of the areas only accessible by road.  These monitoring locations are therefore only accessible by helicopter. Additionally, unforeseen emergency situations that develop may also dictate the use of a helicopter for response and assessment.

The following provides a brief description of the requirements with a tentative schedule. Estimated times include four (4) hours of travel time between Goose Bay and the Vale Mine Site at Voisey's Bay. It is estimated that Vale may require a minimum of approximately 50 hours of helicopter support per year.


3.3.1.                Brownfields Exploration

The helicopter requirements for exploration will vary based on the exploration program being completed. Exploration will require movement of passengers and freight to and from drill rigs. Experienced long line pilots to assemble and disassemble different drill models. Our helicopter size requirement will vary, however a machine with a minimum lift capacity of 2,000 pounds will be required. Helicopter requirement will vary depending on drill type used. Total flight time is estimated to be 100 hours over the life of the contract.

3.3.2.        Harlequin Duck Survey

Currently there are requirements for two harlequin duck surveys on an annual basis.  A breeding pairs survey must be completed during the May/June period after ice free conditions have been established in the rivers.   The other survey will take place within late July to early August. Surveys will take place on 4 major river systems within the project area - from Anaktalik Brook in the north to Kogluktokoluk Brook in the south. These surveys involve aerial observation at approximately 30m above ground limit at a speed of 50 km/hr.  A helicopter equipped with floats may be a consideration for this survey. Total flight time is estimated to be 20 hrs.

3.3.3.               Water Quality Program

The Vale water quality program includes the deployment and maintenance of four real-time water quality stations that require access by helicopter.  The deployment of these meters usually occurs in late May or June - dependent upon spring water levels.  Thereafter, each of these metes must be retrieved from the field, recalibrated, and redeployed. Total estimated time for this program is approximately 25 hours over the life of the contract.

3.3.4               Nad Aids, IT, Wind Tower Servicing

The annual servicing for this equipment is normally flexible and only requires the movement of passengers throughout the Vale property. However there could be emergency requirements where a helicopter is needed on very short notice.

Total estimated time for this program is approximately 30 hrs.

3.3.5.               Emergency Helicopter Use

At the Vale project site, activities dictate the potential for emergency situations which involve rapid response requiring helicopter support.   Consideration should be given for provision of medevac service that could include slinging operations with the use of a long-line and net.

Total estimated time allotted for emergency use is 30 hrs.