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Package # SC-MIN-14-411 QBE Nomination Closing Date July-17-14
    Bid Closing Date TBA

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Contract Scope

<div class="WordSection1"> <p align="center"><strong><u><font size="3">QBE Scope of Work</font></u></strong></p> <p><strong>Section  4.1  Requirements</strong></p> <p>The following defines what services the Supplier shall provide  to Vale: Prior to installation the VAR shall provide  the following:</p> <p>     Project Schedule with details on Main Activities, Milestones and Dates</p> <p>    Specifications of all equipment and parts  being deployed.</p> <p>                Floor Plans/blueprints of all buildings <em>I </em>structures with  future  equipment layouts.</p> <p>The VAR must  provide  the following documents  after the Installations:</p> <p>    As-built  Documentation and Technical Drawings</p> <p>     Floor Plans <em>I </em>Blueprints of all building/structures with Information</p> <p>(Electrical  and Electronic  Layout)  about the installed equipment.</p> <p>    If any part is not an off-the shelf item, the supplier  must  provide</p> <p>structural design, including drawings  and calculations  as a reference.</p> <p>    Provide documentation containing complete details  of the delivered equipment including  Operating  and maintenance procedure  manuals.</p> <p>    Training  Session for key users and "train the trainer" material.</p> <p>     Block Diagram  describing  the installed  system, including communication method  between devices.</p> <p>    Wire Plans, Assembly plans, system Architecture, layout  location  of all field and control  room devices, and any form of documentation that provides  corrective maintenance information.</p> <p>                Before the conclusion  of the work, a system wide acceptance test must be performed and a report with all the results  must  be submitted to Vale.</p> <p>    The documents must  be submitted in a Hard Copy Format, signed by the Supplier's  Technical Manager, along with a digital  Copy.</p> <p>CCTV Equipment Considerations:</p> <p>Considerations when designing  a CCTV system include:</p> <p>                                                                                                  Weather Conditions  such as fog, mist, rain, and snow.                                                            Obtain the environmental requirements such as maximum wind speed, high and low temperatures, as well as humidity information to aid in determining which equipment to use.</p> <p>     Appropriate lighting for exterior camera sites</p> <p>                Outside locations  tamper  resistant housings or other vandal proof features  for remote  areas</p></div> <p><br /></p> <p>    All Environmental analysis should be done by the supplier, in order to consider the use of cameras accessories (heaters, sun shroud/visor, coolers, blowers  etc..)</p> <p>    The CCTV equipment should  be connected  to the existing  Un­</p> <p>interruptible Power Supplies.</p> <p align="center"><strong>Software Management</strong></p> <p>The Video surveillance platform currently adopted  in Vale is Genetec</p> <p>Omnicast.</p> <p><strong>Maintenance Process:</strong></p> <p>    Service Level Agreement for all maintenance activities with three priority levels (Low, Medium and High).    Each service level to have a different price and response time according  to their  priority.</p> <p>    Supplier  must  present  on a yearly  basis, a formal letter from Hardware</p> <p>Vendor that  the supplier  is considered  a Value Added Reseller and the</p> <p>VAR Employees have received  their  product  training.</p>