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Package # SC-MIN-13-339 QBE Nomination Closing Date July-10-13
Title OVERHEAD DOOR INSPECTION Tender Issue Date July-11-13
    Bid Closing Date July-24-13

For more information contact: Bill Ivany
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Contract Scope

QBE Scope of Work

2.     SCOPE

2.1.    Detailed Scope of Work to be performed by the Contractor shall include the following:

2.1.2.          The Contractor shall take its day to day direction from the Company’s Industrial Maintenance Service Provider Site Manager (or designate).

2.1.3.          Any and all sub-contractors within this scope of work are to be approved in writing by the Company prior to the Commencement of work.

2.1.4.          Program development        The Contractor shall develop an annual inspection program for all of the overhead doors for the site.        The Contractor shall review and provide technical recommendation as to the overall preventive maintenance for all overheads for the site.        The Contractor shall provide a method for reporting to the Company on the findings from annual inspections.

2.1.5.          Execution of annual inspections        The Contractor shall perform annual inspections on all overhead doors for the site as per the Overhead Door Annual Inspection Program as developed by the Contractor.        The Contractor shall assist the Company’s fixed plant contract maintainers, as required, to complete follow up repairs.        The Contractor shall work with the Company’s Industrial Maintenance Service Provider’s maintainers to perform the annual inspections and follow up repairs.

2.1.6.          Technical Support        The Contractor shall review and provide technical recommendations as to spare parts required and obsolete held spare parts for overhead doors.        The Contractor shall participate in the Company’s risk management processes as requested by the Company such as risk assessments and Job Hazard Analysis prior to the commencement of work.        The Contractor shall advise the Company on potential upgrades/ retrofits/ options that improve the reliability and safety of the overhead doors.