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Package # SC-MIN-13-337 QBE Nomination Closing Date July-10-13
Title FUEL TANK CLEANING SERVICES Tender Issue Date July-11-13
    Bid Closing Date July-24-13

For more information contact: Bill Ivany
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Contract Scope

3.      Scope

3.1.    Detailed Scope of Work to be performed by the Contractor shall include the following:

3.1.1.          The Contractor shall supply labour and expertise to accomplish the cleaning of port fuel tank # 1.

3.1.2.          The Contractor shall participate in a risk assessment onsite prior to the execution of work and have all methods and equipment approved by the Company.

3.1.3.          The Contractor shall assess and utilize the equipment onsite as best as possible for use throughout the cleaning.  The Contractor shall provide a list to the Company of any additional equipment/ tools/ materials that may be required that are not available onsite.  The use of the equipment/ tools/ materials are subject to the approval of the company.  The Company will determine whether or not the additional equipment/ tools/ materials will be purchased by the Company or supplied as a part of the Contractors requirements.

3.1.4.          The Contractor shall clean the fuel tank to the quality required for an API653 internal inspection or as required by the inspection company.

3.1.5.          The Contractor shall prepare, package and label contaminated/ hazardous waste for shipping as directed by the Company and its policies.  The Contractor is not responsible for off-site disposal.

3.1.6.          The Contractor shall provide support to the Company’s inspection contractor within its abilities.

3.1.7.          The Contractor shall maintain a safe and hazard free work area throughout and at the end of the work.

3.1.8.          The work area inside the port fuel tank is considered a hazardous work area and the Contractor shall not enter the tank without the written approval of the Company.