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Package # SC-MIN-12-274 QBE Nomination Closing Date September-21-12
Title RENOVATION AT CORPORATE OFFICE Tender Issue Date September-24-12
    Bid Closing Date September-28-12

For more information contact: Bill Ivany
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Contract Scope

3.     Scope

3.1.    Detailed Scope of Work to be performed by the Contractor shall include the following:

3.1.1.         The removal of an existing computer room wall, relocate current door into new door opening. Supply all materials to complete the extension of two remaining walls up to the current ceiling (~16” X 20’)  with 5/8” fire rated gypsum board using 3- 5/8” metal studs at 16” centers. Plaster, prime and paint all affected areas. Install dedicated 120v 15 amp plug in new computer room. Extend current HVACs system or supply alternative source of ventilation. Supply and install 3 keypad combination locks on existing doors.  Relocate sink, to new kitchen area. Supply and install bottom and top kitchen cabinets complete with countertop. Install 2 additional power outlets above counter. Price to include all site supervision and labour, refuse removal, clean up, dumping fees, tool rental and permitting cost.