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Package # SC-MIN-12-273 QBE Nomination Closing Date August-31-12
Title SEAL AND COATING OF 10 STORAGE AND TRANSFER TANKS Tender Issue Date September-04-12
    Bid Closing Date September-11-12

For more information contact: Bill Ivany
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Contract Scope

The Contractor will be responsible for field verification of dimensions, locations, and clearances prior to commencing the work.  All interferences which directly or indirectly affect the required works of this project are to be communicated to the Company.

The Contractor is to take all necessary measures to complete the required works of this project without interfering with the Company’s daily operations.  In this case, the work will be completed during November month 2012 

All products and materials to be supplied by the Contractor shall be new and shall meet all requirements of this specification.

The following are general notes regarding the scope of work to be performed by the contractor:

·        By Contractor: All work required by this specification is to be completed by qualified, competent trades people.  Contractor is to provide all documentation pertaining to the qualifications of its trade’s people at the request of the Company.

·        By Contractor: Ensure that the appropriate forms are submitted to Vale, NL for the approval of new controlled products to be brought to site.  Forms will be distributed upon reward.

·        By Contractor: Contractor is responsible for providing all labor, materials and equipment required for all temporary supports for the installation of the work identified in the Seal and Coating of storage tanks project.

·        By Contractor: Contractor is to ensure that the work areas associated with the installation of the Seal and Coating of storage tanks project is kept tidy, free of clutter, and accessible to the Company’s personnel.  All site safety policies and procedures are to be complied with throughout the entirety of this project.

The following are specific project steps required by the contractor to complete the required work.  These project steps are intended to aid in the understanding of the project requirements and are not intended to replace the detailed project schedule that is required to be provided by the Contractor prior to the commencing of work:

·        By Contractor: Provision of a certified technician to oversee the coating installation for the duration of the project.

·        By Contractor: Provision of all materials and equipment (i.e. spray equipment, sand-blasting equipment, sand, portable heaters and tarps of curing (if deemed to be required), safety equipment, PPE, Special scaffolding… etc).  Contractor is to provide listing of equipment to be brought to site (including wattage, voltage, amperage and all other pertinent information).  All possible airborne dust must be contained to the work area.

·        By Contractor: Surface preparation to meet the required specification of Sa2.5 (ISO 8501-1:1988) or SSPC –SP10 or to product applied required standards.  This includes abrasive blasting, removal of blast media and removal of previous temporary fill materials.

·        By Contractor: It is believed that chloride contamination is present.  For this reason, the Contractor is also responsible to ensure that chloride tests are preformed on each of the tanks and that the residual chloride is removed.

·        By Contractor: Welding repairs to any areas picked up during the surface preparation process, as/if required.

·        By Contractor: To close any gaps or openings to create a seal and prevent any ingress of water/product or oxygen.

·        By Contractor: Coating application and appropriate setup (portable heaters, tarps, etc.) to ensure that the temperature and humidity levels are within the acceptable limits of the coating product. Preferred method is to have a shallow vertical saw cut into concrete at approx. 9-in away from steel tank base flange and to coat to 3 feet up the tank wall exterior. A high durability (above 15 years) coating specification designed for environments classified by ISO 12944-2 as C5-I very high corrosivity (Industrial) (Like Enviroline B-flex 9450 and Enviroline 376F-30 or equal) will be applied.

·        By Contractor: Inspection (with contractor supplied certified technician and touch-up, as required).

·        By VNL: Final acceptance of completed work