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Package # SC-MIN-12-250 QBE Nomination Closing Date June-08-12
    Bid Closing Date June-22-12

For more information contact: Bill Ivany
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Contract Scope

3.1.      Detailed Scope of Work to be performed by the Contractor shall include the provision of scrap metal salvage/disposal services including but not necessarily limited to:

3.1.1.         The collection, processing, sorting, cutting, sizing, containerizing, and recording/manifesting of various types of scrap metal at the Site and making it ready for loading at the Site, shipping via marine transport, and receiving by the Company at it’s off-Site receiving facility - for the 2012 (Year 1) and 2013 (Year 2) marine shipping seasons. For the purpose of this Contract the Company’s off-Site receiving facility shall be:

and the estimated tonnage for the term of this contract is as follows:      Year 1: 600 metric tonnes (est.)      Year 2: 250 metric tonnes (est.)

3.1.2.         Taking receipt, care, and custody of the containerized scrap metal at the Company’s off-Site receiving facility, transporting the containers to a recycling mill of the Contractor’s choice, and selling the scrap metals in a timely manner.

3.1.3.         Provision of, for the term of the Contract: 10 (ten) open-top, 20-foot long steel containers suitable for transporting scrap metals from the Site; thru the Company’s off-Site receiving; to the scrap mill/buyer’s yard; and return to the Company’s off-Site receiving facility for return to the Site.  The Contractor shall retain ownership of the containers throughout the term.  

3.1.5.         Provision of a suitable sized boom truck or similar unit complete with grabbing tool and magnet capable of performing the Work of this Contract.   

3.1.6.         Provision of a reconciled report for each shipment including: total weight of each container to be shipped. total weight / classification / grade of each category of metal shipped. total sales revenue per classification / grade sold (scrap ticket).