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Goods # LH-03-27-2015
Services/Business Systems & Engineering
Title Culvert Repair and Replacement, and Road Paving EOI Posting Date March-27-15
Tender Issue Date EOI Closing Date ** CLOSED **
Status Awarded Last Revised On March-27-15

Contract Scope

Vale Newfoundland & Labrador Limited (Vale NL) are inviting submissions of an Expression of Interest for a potential opportunity to support the Long Harbour Processing Plant in Long Harbour, NL.

Request for Expression of Interest (EOI)

Submitted to:   Vale Newfound & Labrador Limited (the "Company")

                        Long Harbour Processing Plant

                        141 Torbay Road, St. John’s, NL

                        A1A 2H1


EOI Number:


Closing Date:

April 3, 2015

Contract Name:

Culvert Repair and Replacement, and Road Paving

Contract Manager:

Jason Thorne



(709) 758-1201

Dear Proponent:

You are invited by Vale Newfoundland & Labrador Limited to respond to this Request for Expression of Interest ("EOI") in relation to the Scope of Work and technical documents attached hereto in accordance with the terms and conditions set below:

1.         Intent of the EOI

The intent of this EOI is to request further information to be provided to the Company. This EOI is NOT intended to: (1) constitute a tender, (2) create contractual relations of any kind between the Company and the Proponent other than the ownership and confidentiality obligations set herein and in the Non-Disclosure Agreement (if one has been attached to this EOI), (3) commit the Company to award or the Proponent to enter into any contract with respect to the Scope of Work and technical documents.

2.         Input from Proponents

The Company seeks EOIs within the parameters set in the Scope of Work and technical documents, but the Company has not reached any final decision as to the details of those parameters and will welcome any input of the Proponent as to the best means of achieving the results expected in the Scope of Work and technical documents.

3.         Discussions with Proponents

The Company reserves the right to have further discussions with one or more of the Proponents.  The discussion will not include any reference to commercial terms/pricing as this would only occur in a formal RFP process.  Neither the Company nor any of the Proponents shall be obligated to the other in any manner whatsoever until a written agreement has been duly executed by the parties. As this EOI is not a tender and does not create legal relations between the Company and the Proponents, apart from the obligation of confidentiality, no terms and conditions have been attached to this EOI in respect of the execution of the Scope of Work and the technical documents.

4.         No legal duties

By submitting a EOI the Proponent specifically acknowledges that this EOI does not create any legal duty of any nature whatsoever between the Proponent and the Company, except as set forth herein in respect of confidentiality and proprietary information. The Proponent further agrees that the response to this EOI submitted by the Proponent does not create any binding obligation, commitment, covenant, representation, and warranty by or of the Proponent, with the exception of the obligation on the Proponent to keep the confidentiality of the documents attached hereto. The Company is entitled to, but not required or obligated to negotiate with any, some, or all of the Proponents at the Company's sole discretion after the Closing Date. The Company is not obligated to provide any further information or opportunity to negotiate with any Proponent after the Closing Date.

5.         Questions

Any questions with respect to this EOI should be addressed to the Contract Manager and sent to .  All emails must include in the beginning of the subject line, the EOI number, and the title of the EOI.

6.         Confidentiality

The Scope of Work and the technical documents have been sent to you in confidence for the sole purpose of your evaluation and preparation of a EOI. As such, its contents are proprietary and confidential to the Company. In taking receipt of these documents, you agree not to reveal its contents to third parties or otherwise, except to those who must evaluate them. You also agree not to use these documents or any information provided by the Company for any purpose other than the preparation of your EOI. Should you decide not to make a submission, you agree to return all hard copies of these documents and destroy any electronic copies thereof from your computer systems.

With the submission of your EOI, please include:


1. A signed copy of this EOI by your authorized representative

2. The information requested in Attachment 2

7.         Ownership of submissions

By submitting your EOI, you agree that the Company shall become the owner of all documents submitted.   As the owner of your EOI and any documents attached thereto, the Company is entitled to make any use of your EOI including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, share, publish, or distribute your EOI to other Proponents for any purpose that the Company may deem fit in the Company's sole discretion.

8.         Limitation of Liability

By submitting a EOI, the Proponent expressly and irrevocably agrees that the Company's total cumulative liability for damages, expenses, costs, liability and losses of whatever nature (collectively "Damages") arising out or in connection with this EOI, whether based in Tort, Statute, Equity, Contract, Restitution, Common Law, or any other cause of action or legal theory, even if the Company has been advised of the possibility of such Damages, is limited the direct, actual and provable Damages and will in no event exceed the actual cost of the Proponent in preparing a EOI in response to this EOI.

9.         Governing Law and Forum

This EOI shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Newfoundland & Labrador and the applicable federal laws of Canada. The Proponent and the Company irrevocably attorn the jurisdiction of Courts of the Province of Ontario in the City of Toronto.

10.       Documents included in this EOI

The following checked documents are attached to this EOI:

 Appendix 1  Scope of Work - Technical Documents

 Appendix 2  Proponent's Requested Information

 Appendix 3  Non-Disclosure Agreement

 Appendix 4  Other



Name of Proponent


Name of Proponent Representative



Attachment 1 – Scope of Work / Technical Documents

Identification Number



Culvert Repair and Replacement, and Road Paving


To upgrade existing storm water drainage system and Main Access Road

Scope of Work

Replace 2 culverts (including rip-rap), clean out 5 culverts, repair 2 culverts (including rip-rap), and pave approximately 1.2 kms of road (including regrading, ditching, and installing guardrails). Scope is supply and install. Some equipment may be supplied by Vale, the rest will be supplied by the Contractor.

Normal Work Location



 1 Hour Radius

Normal Work Availability

 8hr Mon-Fri

 12hr Day Shift

 24hr Shift

 Required Response

 Next Day

 24/7/365 1 Hour On-Call Required

Infrastructure Requirements

Not required.

General Information

Vendors and Vendor Employees will be expected to utilize and be fully integrated in certain Vale systems and processes as part of normal work activities in order to maintain equipment history and perform work efficiently. These will include:

·         Vale SH&E Rules, Policies, and Procedures

·         Work Order System

·         Planning and Scheduling System

Vendors and Vendor Employees will be expected to take direction from and fully cooperate with Vale personnel as required.

Vendors will not normally have access to Vale resources, personnel, or equipment to perform the work.

Attachment 2 – Proponent Information

This form is for bid evaluation and will not be part of the contract.  Proponent shall provide the following:

Company Name:

Company Address:

Contact Name:

Contact Phone:

Contact Email:

1.     General Company Information

2.     Written description of the organization, defining lines of authority/ responsibility/ communication and the overall working of the organization.

3.     Previous Work Experience specifically related to this EOI.

4.     CVs for proposed key personnel to be part of the project.


(1) When replying to this EOI, please reply to Please state the name of your company, company address & contact details (Name, Phone#, Fax# & E-Mail Address). Please make reference to this specific EOI Goods# and Good Description.

(2) This EOI does not constitute an official solicitation. Vale NL reserves the right to cancel this requirement at any time during the EOI and/or solicitation process. Once objective evaluations are completed, only prospective vendors deemed qualified will be contacted.

(3) Please direct any inquiries to