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Goods # LH-2015-01-23
Title Supply of Ground Quicklime EOI Posting Date January-23-15
Tender Issue Date EOI Closing Date ** CLOSED **
Status Open Last Revised On January-28-15

Contract Scope

The following information was place in the EOI #2015-01-23 for the supply of ground quicklime.


Vale NL requires that the quicklime purity of equal to or greater than 95% CaO and 250 ug/g Mn or as low as possible

Particle Size

Vale NL requires that the quicklime average particle size of 95% to 100% passing 3.125 mm (1/8")


Vale NL requires that the quicklime supply of 140 to 200 tonnes per day (365 days per year) in 20 tonnes of lime per 20 ft. sea container.


Vale NL requires that there be a minimum of 100 20 ft. containers on site at all times.

Delivery Method

Vale NL requires that the quicklime be supplied in 20 ft. sea containers. The maximum amount will be 20 tons per container. The minimum amount will be 19 tonnes. The lime shall be loaded into 20 ft. sea containers with a special container bag liner. The container bag liner will have the ability of injecting fluidization air into the loaded material. The liner shall be supplied by Caretex or similar company. The liner will be of a re-usable nature. The expected re-use is 3 to 4 times. The container liner will be inspected before loading material to ensure its integrity. Vale will be responsible for returning the used container bag liners to the supplier site. The bag liner may have to be re-installed upon use or special containers will be used in captive service and liner will remain installed. These special container bags will be supplied and installed by the lime supplier. The lime supplier is expected to supply two special discharge adapter that attaches to the liner bag discharge spout and mates with LHPP off-loading equipment. Vale will be responsible of supplying the 20 ft. sea containers for this service. Vale will be responsible for returning the container bag liners to the supplier site for re-use.

Contact Time Period

The contact time period will be six months.

Quick Lime Material Pricing

Vale NL requires that the lime material price be quoted per tonne from quicklime supplier facility. Vale will provide the transportation delivery method to Long Harbour, Newfoundland. The cost per tonne must include the special container bag liner required for every lime supply container used.


(1) When replying to this EOI, please reply to Please state the name of your company, company address & contact details (Name, Phone#, Fax# & E-Mail Address). Please make reference to this specific EOI Goods# and Good Description.

(2) This EOI does not constitute an official solicitation. Vale NL reserves the right to cancel this requirement at any time during the EOI and/or solicitation process. Once objective evaluations are completed, only prospective vendors deemed qualified will be contacted.

(3) Please direct any inquiries to