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Mine and Concentrator

Click here for a Bird's Eye View of the Voisey's Bay Mine & Concentrator (PDF format)  

Click to view larger versionThe main features of the Voisey’s Bay site are the open pit, the concentrator, waste rock storage areas, sedimentation ponds and tailings disposal areas.

Significant infrastructure is required to support the operation of the mine and concentrator and to ensure a safe and comfortable living environment for the people that work at the site. Supporting site infrastructure includes:


People working at the Voisey’s Bay site generally work on a two-week rotation. While at site, workers live in an accommodations complex that contains cafeterias, recreational areas, shops, offices and medical facilities. Click to see larger version


Voisey’s Bay is a fly-in/fly-out operation, similar to many of today’s remote mining operations. A permanent, all-weather airstrip has been constructed to allow workers to be flown in and out of the site.

Port Facility

The port facility at Edward’s Cove in Anaktalak Bay includes a dock, a concentrate storage building and equipment for loading the concentrate onto arriving ships. Most supplies for the project arrive at Edward’s Cove by ship.

Site Roads

The site has a network of all-season roads that connect the open pit and the underground mining areas, the concentrator, port, airstrip and waste disposal areas.

Other Features

The Voisey’s Bay site also incorporates a facility to treat sewage, a drinking water supply, a diesel generating plant to supply power to the site, and a number of warehouses and maintenance facilities to support the operation.