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Frequently Asked Questions - Mine and Concentrator

Q. Where is Voisey's Bay?
A. The Voisey's Bay property is in northern Labrador on a peninsula bordered to the north by Anaktalak Bay and to the south by Voisey's Bay, approximately 35 km southwest of Nain. Labrador is part of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, located on Canada’s Atlantic coast.
Q. What kinds of concentrates are produced at the concentrator?
A. Nickel sulphide concentrate (also containing copper and cobalt) and copper sulphide concentrate are the two forms of concentrate produced at Voisey's Bay.
Q. When did mining operations at Voisey's Bay begin?
A. Open pit mining began in August 2005 and processing began in September 2005.
Q. How many people are employed at the mine and concentrator operations?
A. Approximately 450 people are employed.
Q. What is the mine-life of Voisey's Bay?
A. The mine-life at Voisey's Bay is expected to be 14 years. However, there is much more potential at this site and Vale hopes its exploration program will expand that potential even more and allow Voisey's Bay mining operations to run even longer.

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