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Construction Programs

The development of Voisey's Bay involves three major construction programs:

  • the 6,000 tonne per day integrated mine and concentrator
  • the hydrometallurgical demonstration facility
  • the processing plant

Construction activities associated with the mine and concentrator began in 2002 and were completed in 2005. Construction of the hydromet demonstration plant began in 2004, and was completed in October 2005.  Research and development at the demonstration plant is complete and the demonstration plant closed in June 2008.  Following an exhaustive review of data gathered during the hydromet research and development program, Vale decided that hydromet technology will be used in the processing plant.

Initial construction of the processing plant began in 2009 and is scheduled for completion by 2013. During this period, we expect that construction activity will create about 5,750 person-years of employment. A variety of employment and procurement opportunities will be available through the construction programs. Individuals and businesses interested in pursuing such opportunities should visit the Employment and Procurement sections of our website to find up-to-date information.